Only the words continue

During the winter 2010, the Confession Session project took place in Dasein bar, in the district of Exarchia, Athens.
Alkis Gounaris invited 52 regulars of the bar to confess their intimate stories.
Those stories have been uploaded to the Internet and have also been the material for this documentary film.
In front of the camera, words phrases and finally people themselves get significance.
Feelings, thoughts, researches and crucial decisions are being revealed.
By filming those people’s confessions we chart their inner world, a forgotten world inside the noisy and inhospitable contemporary cities.

Spyros Papaloukas – The adventure of painting

Throughout my childhood, my teacher used to criticize my drawings so severely that painting became a real suffering for me.
As the years went by, I often felt the need to paint. But I never dared to draw a line on a paper, maybe because – having been so traumatized in the past – I always thought I’ll never succeed.
As I was thumbing through an album about the painter Spyros Papaloukas, I was deeply touched by a phrase of his notes saying that anyone can learn to sketch as long as he has a method to follow. From that moment, painting was no longer something inaccessible. It became an art with codes and secrets I could conquer.

The exiled

 In November 1942 Turkey imposed a capital tax, known as Varlık Vergisi. This crippling tax was introduced by the Turkish government of the time (İnönü-Saracoğlu), bringing severe discrimination against its non-Muslim citizens (Greeks, Armenians and Jews).

Those who did not manage to pay this excessive tax were exiled to the interior of Turkey (Erzurum) where they were forced to work in labour battalions. 

This documentary, based on the diary of Konstandinos Kiourktsoglou, records – for the very first time  – the actual circumstances of this unfortunate chapter in contemporary history.

Filo & Marina

Philo is a great Greek sculptor, devoted to his art and married to Marina. He has been living and working in the suburbs of Paris for the last fifty years.
An unexpected incident will change everything and the only thing that now can find the solutions and give a new meaning in their life is love.