For 35 years since the first performance of the “Bacchae”, Theodoros Terzopoulos is considered one of the great theatrical innovators, because of his radically groundbreaking scenic idiom.
The film follows Terzopoulos from the village where he was born in a family of Greek refugees from the Black Sea, to the Berliner Ensemble , to Russia, China, the US, his theater base in Athens, to, finally, Delphi where it all begun.


The Trace of Time is a film about time, memory, nostalgia. A film about the beauty of archeology and excavation through the post-mortem portrait of archeologist Yannis Sakellarakis. A journey in search of a man who is no longer present, through the trace he left in the places he had been to, and the people he met. A cinematic excavation that brings to light an image through fragments and traces, just like archeology does.


“When the South Wind Blows” is a documentary film about the Mental Health Mobile Units in the North-Eastern and Western Cyclades Islands, implemented by the Association for Regional Development and Mental Health (EPAPSY).

Recording the course of the therapists group – at regular intervals – from Athens to difficult to reach places, far from urban areas, their meeting with people who experience the mental pain on a daily basis, their efforts made – always in cooperation with the local community – for the patients’ care and cure.

Α film that “harks” concerns, “captures” feelings, “explores” the patient’s position in the local society and “records” the coordinated efforts made by the community and the scientists for the “relief” from the pain caused by a the mental problem.


Images of labour and unemployment in Greece, today. Athens, Perama, Thessaloniki, Skouries… “Block after block, the liquidation of the world goes on…” (René Char). Instants that show the disruption of what defined the world of labour until now but also the movements invented by the people who fight.


Madness means not understanding the other – sadness and pain are considered an extremity by our society – when I became ill, I felt fear and shame – I didn’t want my son to be locked away in a mental hospital – I wanted to be loved and understood. Words from people who have experienced mental suffering and committal. Confessions by people who do not hesitate to talk to us about their own special world. We met them at the new structures and networks that have been established in mental health field during the last few years, in order to reintegrate all these people in society and learn them to stand up for their lives and dreams.

Time for Heroes

In times of crisis, we feel disoriented; we feel that we are losing our identity, unable to find a way out.
We asked the famous director Robert Manthoulis, who lived in exile in Paris during the Greek military Junta to meet with a man who, even today, at the age of 85, struggles for justice; the journalist Elias Demetracopoulos, living in Washington.
Demetracopoulos dedicated a large portion of his life to the struggle against the Junta of the Colonels, by uncovering the Greek Watergate connection. He is the only man who dared to sue the CIA and keeps on collecting evidence, so that Henry Kissinger would be taken to the International Criminal Court of Justice in the Hague and tried as a criminal of war.
With our film, we highlight the man who resists and struggles, the man who does not hesitate to wage a duel with history and establish himself with his actions to the collective memory.

Only the words continue

During the winter 2010, the Confession Session project took place in Dasein bar, in the district of Exarchia, Athens.
Alkis Gounaris invited 52 regulars of the bar to confess their intimate stories.
Those stories have been uploaded to the Internet and have also been the material for this documentary film.
In front of the camera, words phrases and finally people themselves get significance.
Feelings, thoughts, researches and crucial decisions are being revealed.
By filming those people’s confessions we chart their inner world, a forgotten world inside the noisy and inhospitable contemporary cities.

Spyros Papaloukas – The adventure of painting

Throughout my childhood, my teacher used to criticize my drawings so severely that painting became a real suffering for me.
As the years went by, I often felt the need to paint. But I never dared to draw a line on a paper, maybe because – having been so traumatized in the past – I always thought I’ll never succeed.
As I was thumbing through an album about the painter Spyros Papaloukas, I was deeply touched by a phrase of his notes saying that anyone can learn to sketch as long as he has a method to follow. From that moment, painting was no longer something inaccessible. It became an art with codes and secrets I could conquer.

The exiled

 In November 1942 Turkey imposed a capital tax, known as Varlık Vergisi. This crippling tax was introduced by the Turkish government of the time (İnönü-Saracoğlu), bringing severe discrimination against its non-Muslim citizens (Greeks, Armenians and Jews).

Those who did not manage to pay this excessive tax were exiled to the interior of Turkey (Erzurum) where they were forced to work in labour battalions.

This documentary, based on the diary of Konstandinos Kiourktsoglou, records – for the very first time  – the actual circumstances of this unfortunate chapter in contemporary history.

Letters never received

Τhe Letters Never Received is a history documentary based on the Ten Day Diary of Agapi Molyviatis Venezis. This diary is the sad epic of a hero, Kemalettin, who did not hesitate to risk his life and career – despite his traumatic experiences during the Asia Minor war – while trying to save Ilias Venezis, the beloved brother of Agapi, from the war battalions.