The exiled

 In November 1942 Turkey imposed a capital tax, known as Varlık Vergisi. This crippling tax was introduced by the Turkish government of the time (İnönü-Saracoğlu), bringing severe discrimination against its non-Muslim citizens (Greeks, Armenians and Jews).

Those who did not manage to pay this excessive tax were exiled to the interior of Turkey (Erzurum) where they were forced to work in labour battalions.

This documentary, based on the diary of Konstandinos Kiourktsoglou, records – for the very first time  – the actual circumstances of this unfortunate chapter in contemporary history.

Letters never received

Τhe Letters Never Received is a history documentary based on the Ten Day Diary of Agapi Molyviatis Venezis. This diary is the sad epic of a hero, Kemalettin, who did not hesitate to risk his life and career – despite his traumatic experiences during the Asia Minor war – while trying to save Ilias Venezis, the beloved brother of Agapi, from the war battalions.

PYLA, Living together separately

PYLA. The unique mixed village in Cyprus, which is in suspense, in the Buffer zone, between the two communities. It is under the monitoring of United Nations and it hasn’t been occupied by the Turks intruders in 1974.

Mimis Kontos – From moonrise to the setting of the Moon

What course is there to follow for an artist who -according to his own words- loved life more than art without the slightest compunction? Which may be the dilemmas and enigmas of a painter who had never been under the protection of galleries and art dealers?

My first time

“My First Time” is a film about pregnancy. It’s about how a woman feels when she enters into that particular period in her life when adversities, emotion and new experiences overwhelm her. It’s about all the things for which you cannot find the answers in books but that pregnant women share with each other.


In wintry Athens, a mysterious Japanese girl goes somewhere on public bus. We look at her face and notice that it twitches, until a tear falls from her eye…

Lovely big Veta

Veta Betini, well-known actress and lyricist, tells the story of her life to the camera and how,despite her bulk , she managed, through humor, to make a career in entertainment .

National Garden

In the heart of modern Athens, next to the gridlocked traffic and roar of the city centre there is also another world: the “national garden” with its lush vegetation, tall trees and winding paths, resembles a hidden paradise beyond time and place.

Small steps in a big World

During the winter of 2000, the students of a high school in Keratsini – an industrial city near Athens full of social and economical problems -decided to stage a play and videotape the whole process. Thirty students aged 15 worked for this project creating a play based on their own experiences and lives.

Philo & Marina

Philo is a great Greek sculptor, devoted to his art and married to Marina. He has been living and working in the suburbs of Paris for the last fifty years.
An unexpected incident will change everything and the only thing that now can find the solutions and give a new meaning in their life is love.