How can a woman, while experiencing pain, have the strength to provoke and fight for her place in society?
Maria Cyber, a member of the LGBTQI+ community, succeeds in that, through her everyday fight for the right to diversity.

The Wheel

A couple with their young son live in a seaside industrial area. A wooden case full of coins which the kid comes across while playing with his wheel gives rise to hopes for a better future.

Desires on hot sand

Maro and Natalie, bonded by friendship for years, are setting out on a holiday.
Durig their journey, a series of events are going to take place, which will give them plenty of reason to take a closer look at life from a different perspective.


Christmas Eve. A young couple invites Santa Claus to supper.

Coat Fitting

The dull life of a retired tailor completely changes when a filmmaker comes to make a documentary about him.