PYLA, Living together separately

PYLA. The unique mixed village in Cyprus, which is in suspense, in the Buffer zone, between the two communities. It is under the monitoring of United Nations and it hasn’t been occupied by the Turks intruders in 1974.

Pyla was from the beginning the field of conflict for the two communities.

Both the two official propagandas use this village for their own benefit.

On the one side the Greek-Cypriot leadership uses the Pyla as an example of coexistence between the Greek-Cypriots and the Turkish-Cypriots.

On the other side the Turkish-Cypriot leadership shows that it is impossible the two communities to live together in peace!

The visitor that will be in the square of the village, if it does not smile, at least he will be puzzled.

The Turkish cafe it is built next to the Nationalist Association “Macedonia” and precisely opposite, as a precaution, from the outpost of United Nations!

Entire the village composes an outstanding jigsaw as the houses of Turks lean on the houses of the Greeks and the sound of the bell of the church is mixed with the prayers of Imam.

The documentary attempts to draw the portrait of this peculiar village and his residents who half of them call their village PYLA and half of them call it PILE….

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